Floor Grinding

Floor grinding as a concrete floor preparation method has advantages of its own. Like, removing mastic, leveling out uneven areas as well as preparing the concrete surface for superior bonding of the new concrete coating.

The Perfect Solution to Floor Preparation

When we talk about floor shot blasting, we are discussing a preparation method that will improve the quality of your flooring system.

Floor shot blasting is a process where a professional “blasts” a floor’s surface in order to strip them clean of old coatings or floor paint and prepare the floor’s texture for whatever is next. This process is environmentally friendly and uses no chemicals. It’s also an economical option that provides both superior bonding and quality results.

Here at Universal Floor Coatings, we use the best floor shot blasting and dust collection machines we’ve been able to find to provide the best solution for our customers.

Floor Shot Blasting is recommended as an ideal option for removing old floor paints, preparing the surface for a new flooring system, removing odd textures from concrete surfaces, and creating a better bonding surface.

We often find this to be most useful when customers are about to paint their floors, apply a resin floor coating, sealants, floor tiles, floor screeds, carpets, and vinyl flooring systems.

Quality Floor Coating Products

Your flooring needs will be unique to your situation. We have worked with many different types of flooring over the years and only use the best top floor coating products and techniques to keep your flooring looking its best while satisfying the safety and durability needs of your space.

Explore below to learn more about some of the most popular product types we use to help our customers keep their flooring in top condition.