Quality Floor Coating Products

Your flooring needs will be unique to your situation. We have worked with many different types of flooring over the years and only use the best top floor coating products and techniques to keep your flooring looking its best while satisfying the safety and durability needs of your space.

Explore below to learn more about some of the most popular product types we use to help our customers keep their flooring in top condition.

Choosing The Type of Concrete Coating For Your Floor

What makes one type of floor coating better than another? At Universal Floor Coatings, we work with top quality products. While there may be a few bad apples out there applying untested products, we take pride in the knowledge we’ve gained through years of experience. Each product we use has its own unique benefits to meet the needs of different flooring systems.

When we take on a flooring project, we first consider the needs of our customers. Does your flooring face heavy traffic? Is it exposed to a lot of moisture? We’ll evaluate what conditions the floor will be up against before choosing a product that will offer the most benefits for safety, durability, and design.

We’ll also review the type of flooring you have and what condition it is currently in. Factors we’ll consider include the age of the flooring and any damage it has already faced.

We’ll also assess the finished look. You need a flooring that works well with your current design and we will make sure to help you choose a product that will achieve the aesthetic you’re after for your space.

Once we understand your needs, we’ll help you choose between the best quality flooring top coat product. Before one of our skilled technicians gets to work, we’ll make sure the best practices are used to get the most benefit from the products, including a high standard of care for surface preparation, proper humidity, compatible materials, and other important considerations to make your flooring system look its best for as long as possible.