Floor Shot Blasting

Shot blasting Concrete

Floor Shot-blasting is a very efficient, all-in-one, environment friendly technique it is an Economical & ecological solution with no water or chemicals and is a closed circuit process.

The floor shot blasting machines that we operate provide the perfect solution to floor preparation and removes most types of coatings from concrete flooring.

FLOOR SHOT BLASTING is the method recommended by all major Flooring manufacturers providing an ideal surface profile for Resin floor coatings, Floor Paints, Floor Screeds, Sealants, Floor Tiles, Carpets, and Vinyl flooring systems.

Typical applications:

  • Removal of floor paint.
  • Preparation for new flooring systems,
  • Floor preparation prior to painting,
  • Concrete texturing removal.
  • Creating anti slip surfaces for roads, ramps, walkways etc, Rubber removal from airport runways etc